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Volunteering Questions

Do I Have to Volunteer?

Because Lyceum is a 100% parent-run organization, parent participation is crucial for the success of Lyceum.  Each family is strongly encouraged to contribute at least 20 volunteer hours per year, and this commitment can be met in a variety of ways. 

We understand that not all families are able to volunteer.  If you are unable to volunteer at least 20 hours in a given year, you will be charged a $100 job fee.  Those who do volunteer can roll their job deposit forward each year, and have it refunded if they leave Lyceum in good standing.

Please note: All parents, including those who chose to pay the $100 job fee, are expected to act as a chaperone for some of the seminars their child attends. Parents indicate their intention to chaperone when registering for a seminar.

What Type of Volunteer Opportunities Are There?

You can access current volunteer opportunities from the "Volunteer Opportunities"  link once you login into the Membership portal. Examples of volunteer opportunities include:
  • Teach a seminar

  • Chaperone a seminar

  • Distribute flyers to schools/GATE programs

  • Organize a family game night

  • Manage seminar registration

  • Join the Lyceum board 

  • Become a member of a Lyceum operating team

    • Membership
    • Publicity
    • Seminar Development
    • Seminar Operations
    • Technology

What Are the Benefits of Volunteering?

The main benefits of volunteering are expanding your network, getting to know Lyceum students and other parent volunteers, and giving back to the community. Also, active volunteers (i.e. those with over 20 volunteer hours in a year) enjoy membership discounts for the next year, and chaperones get discount pricing for seminars.

How Many Hours Will I Earn Volunteering?

The number of hours earned per seminar will be listed in the Chaperone Volunteer Opportunity for that seminar.  Generally, since a chaperone must be there 15 to 30 minutes before and after the seminar to set up and take down, the hours awarded will be the amount of time of the seminar plus 30-60 minutes.