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Seminars and Group Visit/Social Events Questions

What Type of Seminars Does Lyceum Offer?

Seminars’ topics vary from year to year based on participants’ interest and whether an instructor is a professional contracted by Lyceum or a Lyceum parent. Popular seminars conducted by professional instructors include the Fun with Math series for grades 2 to 6, and grades 5 to 8, Electricity and Electronics for grades 4 and up, Financial Literacy, Lego Robotics and Creative Writing. Lyceum seminars conducted by parents or friends of the Lyceum community tend to be more unique and designed to meet interests of a particular group of students.

When and Where Are Seminars Held?

Most of Lyceum students are attending public or private schools, so seminars are mostly held on weekends, usually in San Jose public libraries or at the facilities provided by the vendor. A typical seminar lasts 2 to 3 hours and is held between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

How Expensive Are Lyceum Seminars?

Costs for seminars range from $5 to $105 based on supplies needed and/or the facilities charge. The average cost is about $40.

Are There Events for Adults?

Lyceum has a parents night out (also known as Stammtisch) every second Wednesday of every month. This is a chance for parents to connect and discuss unique challenges of raising academically gifted children.

Who Plans and Develops Lyceum Seminars?

New seminars are the responsibility of the Seminar Development Committee, which is entirely made up of parent volunteers. The committee is divided into teams based on seminar subjects. The four teams are: Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Physical Sciences. The team chairs work with the Seminar Development Director to put together new and interesting seminars, most of which are based on seminar requests made by students each year. Seminars that are held year after year can be organized by anyone on the Seminar Development Committee.

What Is the Difference Between a Seminar and a Group Visit/Social Event?

Usually, seminars are open to registered Lyceum students only.  Group visits are social meetings open to parents, siblings, and friends of Lyceum students. Examples of Group Visits are: hikes, board-game socials, a trip to a museum, etc.