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Before registering for a seminar please read over the description with your child to ensure that the seminar is interesting and appropriate for him / her. Remind your child that everyone participating is looking for a safe, fun opportunity to learn and that he / she is expected to be respectful (to other students, resources/instructors, and chaperones) and to behave in a manner conducive to learning. This is the best way to avoid behavior issues.

However, issues do sometimes happen. If a student does not respond to a chaperone’s requests to redirect disruptive behavior a student can

  • be asked to take a seat away from the other students (in the same room or if necessary outside) with chaperone #2 until the student and chaperone agree that the student is ready to return to the group with respectful, courteous behavior
  • be picked up early by a parent (if the student is unable / unwilling to improve behavior)
  • be required to have a parent present at future seminars (the parent will need to sit with the student to help focus and redirect his or her attention)
  • be removed from future sessions of multi-session seminars
  • lose seminar privileges altogether (in the case of chronic or severe behavior issues)

Seminar chaperones will speak with the parent and inform the chaperone coordinator about behavior. Most issues can be resolved with communication between chaperones, parents, students, and the chaperone coordinator. Help Lyceum make seminars a positive, enriching experience for all participants!

Everyone should understand the following basic rules:

  • Respect others: We respect others by treating them the way we want to be treated… or even better, and when we put them before ourselves. We respect others by being kind and polite all the time.
  • Respect yourselves: We respect ourselves by being positive and not putting ourselves down. We respect ourselves by staying out of trouble and avoiding negative influences.
  • Respect resources: We respect resources by taking care of them and appreciating the tools we have been given to work with. We respect resources by following the rules for their use.


Please plan to arrive at your seminar about 10 minutes before the starting time to allow time for parking, sign-in, name tags, any questions / communication with the chaperones or resources (instructors), and to help everyone begin on time.

Please arrive for pickup about 5 minutes before the end of the seminar to allow time for parking, sign-out, and any questions / communication with the chaperones or resources.

We understand that sometimes things happen to delay pickup. However, chronic or severe lateness in picking up your child may result in requiring an adult to stay at the location during a seminar or loss of seminar privileges.

Attendance & Transportation

Please check your child’s schedule before registering for a seminar, because once registered, a student is expected to attend all sessions.

Siblings may attend seminars only if they have applied and been accepted to Lyceum and have registered for the seminar or a seminar is specifically designated as allowing attendance of siblings and guests.

Some seminars have specific age or grade limits because of liability and/or instructor requests. Please pay attention to these age restrictions while registering your child. Children that don't meet age requirements will not be allowed to attend an age-restricted seminar.

Lyceum requires 2 parent chaperones for each seminar; if they do not volunteer in advance the seminar is canceled. Chaperones have specific responsibilities which are listed on the Lyceum website, get discounts while registering for a seminar that they chaperone, and earn volunteer hours for chaperoning Lyceum events. Parents may attend seminars only if registered as chaperones or parent participants for seminars that allow parent participation. Parent sign up is included on each seminar registration page.

Transportation to and from Lyceum seminars is the responsibility of each child’s parents. Members who get to know each other sometimes form carpools. An adult must sign each child into and out of each seminar session.


All members shall maintain the confidentiality of all internal information about Lyceum, including its donors, members and beneficiaries except when authorized or otherwise legally obligated to disclose such information.

Keeping Your Information Current

Lyceum must be promptly notified of any change in your contact information. It is your responsibility to go to the website to update your profile.